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We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and comparing Samsung Aa59 00666A of all specifications to find the best one for any need (or budget). Here are the results.

The Best Samsung Aa59 00666A of 2020 – Top Rated & Reviewed

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Rank No. #1
Deha Replacement for Samsung AA59-00666A Remote Control
  • DEHA Replacement Remote Controls are the perfect substitute for your device featuring full functionality of your original remote.
  • Manufacturer 1 Year Warranty.
Rank No. #2
Original Samsung AA59-00666A Remote
  • LT22B350ND LT22B350ND/ZA LT24B350 LT24B350ND LT24B350ND/ZA LT24B350NDZA LT24D310NH LT24D310NH/ZA LT24D310NHZA LT27A300 LT27A300ND LT27A300ND/ZA LT27A300NDZA LT27B350ND LT27B350ND/ZA LT27B350ND/ZA LT27B350NDZA LT28D310NH LT28D310NH/ZA LT28D310NHZA PN43E440 PN43E440A2F PN43E440A2FXZA PN43E450 PN43E450A1 PN43E450A1F PN43E450A1FXZA PN51E440 PN51E440A2F PN51E440A2FXZA PN51E450 PN51E450A1 PN51E450A1F PN51E450A1FXZA PN51E530 PN51E530A3 PN51E530A3F PN51E530A3F PN51E530A3FXZA PN51E535 PN51E535A3 PN51E535A3 PN51E535A3 PN51E535A3F PN51E535A3FXZA PN60E530 PN60E530A3F PN60E530A3FXZA PN60E535 PN60E535A3F PN60E535A3FXZA TM1240 T28D310NH UN19F4000 UN19F4000AFXZA UN22F5000 UN22F5000AFXZA UN22F5000AFXZA0 UN26EH4000 UN26EH4000F UN26EH4000FXZA UN28F4000 UN28F4000AFXZA UN29F4000 UN29F4000AFXZA UN32EH4000 UN32EH4000 UN32EH4000 UN32EH4000F UN32EH4000FXZA 2PQ8716 H32B H40B H46B LH32HDPLGA LH32HDPLGA/ZA LH32HDPLGAZA LH40HDPLGA LH40HDPLGA/ZA LH40HDPLGAZA LH46HDPLGA LH46HDPLGA/ZA LH46HDPLGAZA LT2LT24E310ND/ZA LT2LT24E310NDZA LT24E310NHL PN64E533D2F PN64E533D2FXZA PN64E533D2V PN64E533D2VXZA UN32EH4003FXZA UN32EH4003FXZA UN32EH4003FXZA UN32EH4003FXZA UN32EH4003V UN32EH4003V UN32EH4003VXZA UN32EH4003VXZA UN39EH5003F UN39EH5003FXZA UN39EH5003V UN39EH5003VXZA UN40ES6003F UN40ES6003FXZA UN40ES6003V UN40ES6003VXZA UN40H5003AF UN40H5003AFXAZ UN40H5003AFX/ZA UN40H5003AFXZA UN40H5300AFXZA UN43J5000AF UN32EH4000FXZA UN32EH4050F UN32EH4050FXZA UN32EH5000 UN32EH5000 UN32EH5000F UN32EH5000FXZA UN32EH5000FXZA UN32F4000 UN32F4000AFXZA UN32F4050 UN32F4050AFXZA UN32F5000 UN32F5000AFXZA UN32F5050 UN32F5050AFXZA UN37EH5000 UN37EH5000F UN37EH5000FXZA UN39FH5000AFXZA UN39FH5000F UN39FH5000FXZA UN40EH5000 UN40EH5000F UN40EH5000FXZA UN40EH5050 UN40EH5050F UN40EH5050FXZA UN40EH6000 UN40EH6000 UN40EH6000F UN40EH6000FXZA UN40EH6000FXZA UN40EH6000FXZA UN40EH6050F UN40EH6050FXZA UN40F5000 UN40F5000AFXZA UN40F5050 UN40F5050AFXZA UN46EH5000 UN46EH5000 UN46EH5000F UN46EH5000F UN46EH5000FXZA UN46EH5000FXZA UN46EH5000XZA UN46EH5050F UN46EH5050FXZA UN46EH6000 UN46EH6000F UN46EH6000FXZA UN46F5000 UN46F5000AFXZA UN46F5050 remote control UN55EH6001FXZA UN55EH6001V UN55EH6001VXZA UN55ES6003F UN55ES6003FXZA UN55FH6003 UN55FH6003F UN55FH6003FX/ZA UN55FH6003FXZA UN60EH6002 UN60EH6002F UN60EH6002FXZA UN60EH6003F UN60EH6003FXZA UN60EH6003V UN60EH6003VXZA UN60ES6003F UN60ES6003FXZA UN60ES6003V UN60ES6003VXZA UN60FH6003 UN60FH6003FX/ZA UN60FH6003FXZA UN65FH6001 UN65FH6001FX/ZA UN65FH6001FX/ZA UN60FH6003F UY03 UN46F5050AFXZA UN50EH5000 UN50EH5000F UN50EH5000FXZA UN50EH5050F UN50EH5050FXZA UN50EH6000 UN50EH6000 UN50EH6000F UN50EH6000FXZA UN50EH6050F UN50F5000 UN50F5000AFXZA UN50F5050 UN50F5050AFXZA UN55EH6000 UN55EH6000 UN55EH6000F UN55EH6000F UN55EH6000F UN55EH6000FXZA UN55EH6000FXZA UN55EH6050F UN55EH6050FXZA UN55ES6150 UN55ES6150F UN55ES6150FXZA UN60EH6000 UN60EH6000F UN60EH6000F UN60EH6000FXZA UN60EH6000FXZA UN60EH6050F UN60EH6050FXZA UN60EH6050FXZA UN65EH6000 UN65EH6000F UN65EH6000FXZA UN65EH6050F UN65EH6050FXZA UN22F5000AF UN32F5000AF UN50F5000AF UN46F5000AF UN40F5000AF UN32F5000AF UN29F4000AF
Rank No. #3
Samsung Generic Remote Control for Multiple Models - Non-Smart TV Controls
  • Part Number: AA59-00666A
  • Identifying Numbers That Appear On This Specific Part: AA59-00666A
  • TV Models: H32B / H40B / H46B / PN64E533 / PN64E533D2F / PN64E533D2FXZA / UN32EH4003 / UN32EH4003F / UN32EH4003FXZA / UN32EH4003V / UN32EH4003VXZA / UN39EH5003 / UN39EH5003F / UN39EH5003FXZA / UN40ES6003 / UN40ES6003F / UN40ES600F
  • TV Models: UN40ES6003FXZA / UN40H5003 / UN40H5003AF / UN40H5003AFXZA / UN46ES6003 / UN46ES6003F / UN46ES6003FXZA / UN50J5000 / UN50J500AF / UN50J5000AFXZA / UN55EH6001 / UN55EH6001F / UN55EH6001FXZA / UN55ES6003 / UN55ES6003F / UN55ES6003FXZA / UN55FH6003 / UN55FH6003F / UN55FH6003FXZA / UN60EH6002 / UN60EH6002F
  • TV Models: UN60EH602FXZA /UN60EH6003 / UN60EH6003F / UN60EH6003FXZA / UN60ES6003 / UN60ES6003F / UN60ES6003FXZA / UN60FH6003 / UN60FH6003F / UN60FG6003FXZA / UN65FH6001 / UN65FH6001F / UN65FH6001FXZA / HD2366
Rank No. #4
SAMSUNG TV Remote Control BN59-01199F by Samsung
  • Samsung BN59-01199F Remote Control, Works most standard Samsung TVs and Samsung Smart TVs, includes Smart Hub button
  • Compatible TV Models (FXZA models are also compatible): UN32J4500AF, UN32J5205AF, UN32J525DAF, UN40J5200AF, UN40J520DAF, UN40J6200, UN40J6200AF, UN40JU6400F, UN40JU640DF, UN43J5200AF, UN43JU640DF, UN48J5200AF, UN48J5201AF, UN48J520DAF, UN48J520DAFDXN, UN48J6200AF, UN48JU6400, UN48JU6400F, UN48JU640DF, UN50J5200, UN50J5200AF, UN50J520DAF, UN50J6200, UN50J6200AF, UN55J6200, UN55J6200AF, UN55J6201, UN55J6201AF, UN55J620DAF
  • UN60J6200, UN60J6200AF, UN60J6200AF/XZA, UN60J6200AF/XZC, UN60J620DAF, UN60JU6390F, UN60JU6400, UN60JU6400F, UN65J620, UN65J6200, UN65J6200AF, UN65J620DAF, UN65JU640, UN65JU6400, UN65JU6400F, UN65JU640D, UN65JU640DAF, UN65JU640DF
Rank No. #5
OEM Samsung BN59-01177A TV Remote Control with Backlit for/fit AA59-00666A AA59-00721A AA59-00600A HG26NA470PF HG26NA470PFXZA HG26NA477 HG26NA477PF HG26NA477PFXZA HG32NA470 Samsung Televisions
  • PN60E535 PN60E535A3F PN60E535A3FXZA PN60F5300 PN60F5300AF PN60F5300AFX PN60F5300AFXZA PN60F5300BF PN60F5300BFXZA PN60F5350 PN60F5350AF PN60F5350AFXZA PN60F5350BF PN60F5350BFXZA PN60F6300BF PN60F6300BFXZA PN64E533D2F PN64E533D2FXZA PN64E533D2V PN64E533D2VXZA PN64F5300 PN64F5300AF PN64F5300AFXZA PN64H5000 PN64H5000AF PN64H5000AFXZA PN64H5000FXZA T19C350 T19C350ND T19C350ND/ZA T19C350NDZA T22B350ND T22C350 T22C350ND T22C350ND/ZA T22C350NDZA T24B350ND T24C350 T24C350ND T24C350ND/ZA T24C350NDZA
  • T24C550 T24C550ND T24C550ND/ZA T24C550NDZA T24C730 T24C730ND T24C730ND/ZA T24C730NDZA T24D310 T24D310NH T27B350ND T27C730 T27C730ND T27C730ND/ZA T27C730NDZA T28C570ND T28D310NH TS01 UN19F4000 UN19F4000AF UN19F4000AFXZA UN22ES4003 UN22F5000 UN22F5000AF UN22F5000AFXZA UN24H4000 UN24H4000AF UN24H4000AFXZA UN26EH4000 UN26EH4000F UN26EH4000FXZA UN26EH4000FXZACS01 UN28H4000 UN28H4000AF UN28H4000AFXZA UN29F4000 UN29F4000AF UN29F4000AFXZA UN32EH4000 UN32EH4000F UN32EH4000FXZA UN32EH4000FXZACS01
  • UN32EH4003 UN32EH4003F UN32EH4003FXZA UN32EH4003FXZACH02 UN32EH4003FXZAEH01 UN32EH4003V UN32EH4003VXZA UN32EH4003VXZADH01 UN32EH4050F UN32EH4050FXZA UN32EH5000 UN32EH5000F UN32EH5000FXZA UN32EH5000FXZATS01 UN32F5000 UN32F5000AF UN32F5000AFXZA UN32F5050 UN32F5050AF UN32F5050AFXZA UN32H4003FXZA UN32J4000 UN32J4000AF UN32J4000AFXZA UN32J4000BFXZA UN32J4000CF UN32J4000CFX UN32J4000CFXZA UN32J4000CFXZC UN32J4000F UN32J4001AFXZA UN32J4001AFXZC UN32J400D UN32J400DAF UN32J400DAFXZA UN32J400DBFX/ZA
  • UN32J400DBFXZA UN32J400DCFX/ZA UN32J400DCFXZA UN32J400DF UN32J5003 UN32J5003AF UN32J5003AFXZA UN32J5003BFXZA UN32J5003F UN37EH5000 UN37EH5000F UN37EH5000FXZA UN39EH5003 UN39EH5003F UN39EH5003FXZA UN39EH5003FXZACD01 UN39EH5003FXZAMD02 UN39EH5003V UN39EH5003VXZA UN39FH5000 UN39FH5000F UN39FH5000FXZA UN40EH5000 UN40EH5000F UN40EH5000FXZA UN40EH5050 UN40EH5050F UN40EH6000 UN40EH6000F UN40EH6000FXZA UN40EH6000FXZATS02 UN40EH6050 UN40EH6050F UN40EH6050FXZA UN40ES6003F UN40ES6003FXZA UN40ES6003FXZATS01
  • UN40ES6003V UN40ES6003VXZA UN40F5000 UN40F5000AF UN40F5000AFXZA UN40H4005 UN40H4005AF UN40H4005AFXZA UN40H5003AF UN40H5003AFX/ZA UN40H5003AFXAZ UN40H5003AFXZA UN40H5003BFXZA UN40H5300AFXZA UN43J5000ABXZA UN43J5000AF UN43J5000AFXZA UN46EH5000 UN46EH5000F UN46EH5000FXZA UN46EH5050 UN46EH5050F UN46EH5050FXZA UN46EH5050FXZAUN46EH5050FXZA UN46EH6000 UN46EH6000F UN46EH6000FXZA UN46EH6000FXZACS01 UN46EH6000FXZATS02 UN46ES6003F UN46ES6003FXZ List may not be complete / Batteries not included
Rank No. #6
New AA59-00666A Remote Control Replaced for Samsung TV LCD LED HDTV AA5900666A LH32HDPLGA LH40HDPLGA LH46HDPLGAZA UN32EH4003V UN55EH6001V
  • Smartby AA59-00666A Remote Control Replaced for Samsung TVs
  • Brand New. No programming or paring needed. It is ready for use after inserting the new batteries.
  • UN32J400DAFXZA UN32J5003AFXZA UN32EH4003CXZA UN43J5000AFXZA UN48J5000AFXZA UN50J5000AFXZA LT24E310ND/ZA UN32J4000BFXZA UN32J5003BFXZA UN40H5003BFXZA UN32J400DBFXZA UN65FH6001F UN32EH4003VXZA UN22ES4003 UN32EH4003 UN39EH5003 UN46ES6003F UN60ES6003 UN60FH6003 UN60FH6003F UN65FH6001 UN40ES6003F H32B H40B H46BUN55EH6001FXZATH03 UN55ES6003FXZATS01 UN60ES6003FXZAHH01 UN60EH6003FXZAHH01 UN32EH4003FXZACH02 UN32EH4003FXZAEH01 UN32EH4003VXZADH01 UN39EH5003FXZACD01 UN39EH5003FXZAMD02 UN40ES6003FXZATS01
  • UN55EH6001FXZA AH01 CH02 UN55EH6001FXZATH03 UN60ES6003F H46B LH32HDBPLGA/ZA LH40HDBPLGA/ZA LH46HDBPLGA/ZA UN32EH4003V UN40ES6100 UN40ES6100F UN46ES6100 UN50ES6100 UN50ES6100F UN55ES6100F UN32EH4003F UN60ES6100F UN32EH4003V UN40ES6003F UN46ES6003FXZA UN22ES4003 UN39EH5003F
Rank No. #7
New AA59-00666A Replaced Remote Control fit for Samsung TV LCD LED HDTV AA5900666A LH32HDPLGA LH40HDPLGA LH46HDPLGAZA UN32EH4003V UN55EH6001V
  • AIDITIYMI New AA59-00666A Replace Remote Control AA5900666A fits for Samsung TVs
  • No programing or pairing needed, install new batteries in correct direction and it's available for use
  • Power Supply: 2X 1.5V AAA Alkaline battery
  • All orders are fulfilled by Amazon, fast US Amazon shipping
  • Package Content: 1 x IR Remote Control
Rank No. #8
Replacement Samsung AA59-00666A TV Remote Control
  • There is No Programming Required and it works straight out of the box.
  • 100% compatible Replacement Samsung TV Remote control. Original Layout.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Compatible for Samsung Smart TV models: H32B / H40B / H46B / PN64E533D2F / UN32EH4003V / UN32EH4003FXZA / UN40ES6003F / UN46ES6003F / UN55EH6001F / UN60EH6003F / UN60ES6003F / UN39EH5003F / PN64E533D2V / UN32EH4003V / UN32EH4003FXZA / UN40ES6003V / UN46ES6003V / UN55EH6001V / UN60EH6003V / UN60ES6003V / UN39EH5003V / PN64E533D2FXZA / UN32EH4003FXZA /
  • UN32EH4003FXZA / UN40ES6003FXZA / UN46ES6003FXZA / UN55EH6001FXZA / UN60EH6003FXZA / UN60ES6003FXZA / UN39EH5003FXZA / PN64E533D2VXZA / UN32EH4003VXZA / UN32EH4003VXZA / UN40ES6003VXZA / UN46ES6003VXZA / UN55EH6001VXZA / UN60EH6003VXZA / UN60ES6003VXZA / UN39EH5003VXZA / UN55ES6003F / UN55ES6003FXZA
Rank No. #9
Deha AA59-00666A Remote Control for Samsung AA59-00666A HDTV Remote Control (AA5900666A)
  • DEHA Replacement Remote Controls are the perfect substitute for your device featuring full functionality of your original remote.
  • Manufacturer 1 Year Warranty.
Rank No. #10
VINABTY New AA59-00666A Replaced Remote fits for Samsung TV UN32EH4003V UN40ES6003F LH32HDBPLGA UN32EH4003FXZA UN39EH5003FXZA UN60EH6003FXZAHH01 H32B H40B H46B LH32HDBPLGA/ZA LH40HDBPLGA/ZA UN40H5003
  • The replacement fit for samsung tv models: UN40H5003 UN40H5003AFXZA UN40H5003BFXZA LH46HDBPLGA/ZA, PN64E533D2F, PN64E533D2FXZA, UN32EH4003, UN32EH4003F
  • UN32EH4003FXZACH02, UN32EH4003FXZAEH01, UN32EH4003V, UN32EH4003VXZA, UN32EH4003VXZADH01, UN39EH5003, UN39EH5003F
  • H32B, H40B, H46B, PN64E533D2F,UN32EH4003 , UN60EH6002FXZA, UN32EH4003F , UN32EH4003FXZA , UN32EH4003V T24E310ND UN32EH4003C UN32J4000AF UN32J4000BF UN32J400DAF UN32J400DBF UN32J5003AF UN32J5003BF UN40H5003AF UN40H5003BF UN43J5000AF UN43J5000BF UN48J5000AF UN48J5000BF UN50J5000AF UN50J5000BF UN55FH6003F UN60EH6002F
  • new replaced remote; function covered; No programming required; Just need install new batteries to use;
  • Package included: 1 x Remote Control;

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